Well, if I ever said I was bored before I am going to go back in time and kick my own ass. I started work today, well, work for pay because I have been volunteering there (KGEM TV) for a couple of months. That is where I film my show, Focus on Arts. They started out all awkward but as time goes on they are becoming funnier and easier.

I am learning tons about TV and Film production and editing - it is very fun. On Thursday I start at Cal State LA for, yes, TV and Film production. I am going to be so busy for the next 10 weeks. I have to admit that I am very nervous.

My mom is in the hospital and I hope she feels better soon. I have so many wonderful friends that are praying for her. I love her so much.

Yeah, I'm still going to do it...
Oh why not? Let's get sexy!



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